Naija Ludo is a classic Board game for all ages. It is carefully designed to meet international standard. It is played by two to four persons. Playing the game is very simple:

The game starts by throwing dice and moving a piece according to the selected dice outcome. It is equipped with powerful features that are ready to excite you. Some of the feature are:

1. ONLINE MULTIPLAYER: It supports online multiplayer. you can play with your friends and family anywhere in the world.

2. OFFLINE MULTIPLYER: It is equipped with both BLUETOOTH and WIFI multiplayer. With these, you can play with somebody at a close range without thinking of data consumption.

It is designed to keep you company at your leisure time. It is highly entertaining and beautiful. Get it and enjoy your moment. It is free of charge.

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Naija Whot is a classic card game for all ages. It is a multi dimensional game. It is carefully crafted by our team of engineers to maximise your happiness whenever you are playing Naija Whot. It has three stages: 

  1. QUICK PLAY; this stage is designed for beginners and lovers of two men challenge. 
  2. TOURNAMENT; this stage is designed to simulate the real WHOT action. Here you are to face three visual robots who will test your ability and also show you their own strength.
  3. MAULTIPLAYER; this stage allows you to play with a friend or loved one using Wi-Fi. It does not require internet connection. 

It is highly pleasurable and completely entertaining. It is equipped with a lot of settings to help you adjust the game the way you like. It is free of charge. Get it and enjoy your moment. 

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Snake and Ladder is another classic board game from Tonielrosoft. It is a very simple strategic game. It is designed to ensure your happiness. 

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Hot Seat is a general knowledge application designed to educate and test you on world facts. It is equipped with surplus questions and answers about the world. The questions are designed with four options each. Each question has a virtual prize when answered correctly.

It is extraordinarily fun and exciting. This is a nice companion when you are idle and also a good friend when you want to know why and how.

Answer each question correctly turn by turn and work towards winning a virtual prize of a MILLION. 

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